The beauty of WordPress is that it offers almost limitless creativity. The flexible nature of WP means that website maintenance can be as simple or as complex as you like.

If you want to keep things simple, that’s your prerogative; if you want to create a hugely powerful and complex eCommerce store, you’re free to do so too. Of course, if you want to control the basics while allowing a web design expert or a digital marketing specialist to handle the more complicated things, that’s also totally fine.

Much of WordPress’ power lies in its catalogue of plugins. Some are available for free, while others require a subscription. In many respects, the constant release of new WordPress plugins helps to drive forward the evolution of web design. From website security monitoring to search engine optimisation, there’s practically a plugin for everything. Here are some of our favourites from August 2020:

Hey Notify

If you want to remain informed across multiple channels when things happen in Wordpress, you can use Hey Notify to keep abreast of new comments, admin logins, system events, new user signups and much more. Notifications can be delivered via email, Slack and Discord.

Wholesome Publishing

If your website is in need of some nifty editing features, Wholesome Publishing could help. It’s perfect for collaborative content in Gutenberg and allows you to do cool stuff like add threaded comments to an individual block. If this sounds complicated, why not hire our Reading web design team to do the hard work for you?

Web Vitals Tracking

If you need to save your site history and track your core web vitals, this plugin is a huge help. It’s easy to install and will start accumulating site data immediately. Over time, you should begin to collect helpful information and analytics.

Bing URL Submissions

While Google may rule the roost, never underestimate how many casual computer users still rely on Bing. With this plugin, you can automatically submit URLs from your WordPress site to be indexed by Bing for SEO purposes.

There we have it – another month, another series of wonderful plugins to enhance your WordPress site. However, if you’re currently busy dealing with other aspects of your business, it’s easy to allow your website to fall by the wayside.

With our team of website support specialists in Reading, you can make your site work for you instead of the other way round. From search engine optimisation to social media marketing, we offer the full package. Why not contact us today to discuss your requirements?