Website maintenance options

Regular website maintenance is an essential aspect of keeping your WordPress website functional and thriving. If you have a WordPress website, it’s of the utmost importance that you budget for ongoing website support and maintenance if you want it to perform reliably.

What will regular website maintenance get you?

Website reliability

We’ve already mentioned reliability, but it’s a key component of every successful website. If your website is not reliable, it cannot be a dependable platform for your business growth. Not only that, but a website that’s prone to crashing, freezing, and being unresponsive will destroy your brand perception in the eyes of your clients. It’s essential your website is reliable going forward.

Website security

Updating security definitions is an important part of ongoing website maintenance. Plugging existing security holes and bracing your website against new potential security attacks becomes an even stronger priority when your website is dealing with eCommerce. You need to provide your customers with a secure portal to shop, especially if your website handles their bank details and shipping information.


The goal of every website is to grow, regardless of the size of your business currently. Your website needs to scale with your business and your developing requirements. You will have changing levels of traffic that your website needs to withstand, different levels of order processing, and consistent responsiveness. Regular maintenance allows your website to meet your developing needs.

Getting a website maintenance package that’s right for you

The needs of every WordPress website and website owner are different. That means it’s important you work with a web developer who can understand your needs, and provide you with an ongoing tailored maintenance package that’s suitable for your business requirements and your budget.

Jerram can do exactly that. We can work with you to determine the current needs of your website. We’ll establish how your website is currently performing and offset that against your future plans for growth. With that information, we’ll tailor a maintenance plan directly for you.

If you would like more information on our WordPress website maintenance options, or to enquire about the right plan for you, contact Jerram today.