A completely custom website from £5k

Are you ready for a completely custom website or web app? If you are keen to have a unique portal that looks and feels like nothing else that’s out there then a custom website or web application might be what you need.

I will work with you to determine the best approach for your project – including user experience, traffic flow planning, event mapping and content personalisation.

My team are also highly experienced in API development and integration, ERP systems and e-commerce.

  • Consultancy to determine your precise needs
  • Unique custom design
  • User experience design factored in from the start
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Shopping and e-Commerce enabled
  • Large scale page and product catalogues
  • Include video and animations
  • Custom back-end development
  • Fully responsive and optimised
  • Multiple data sources
  • Custom content management solutions
  • Multi language and region features
Website programmers in Reading UK

More than just design

You might need a custom website to be able to integrate with external systems such as an ERP or warehouse system – or you might just want a totally unique design that truly represents your brand. Whatever the reason, I can help you with the right team for both design and development.

My developers will work to produce a beautiful interface for both the front and back end, delighting your stakeholders at every level.

My development team can also integrate your third-party systems – making your website a powerhouse for product and service delivery.


How my custom website design services work

My custom web projects stretch from high-end brand sites to complex stores and e-commerce applications. Each project is approached with careful consultation to capture your objectives.

  • Brand websites
  • Custom web applications
  • Interactive portals
  • Secure web environments
  • Booking systems
  • E-Commerce and web stores
  • APi driven applications
  • Dashboards and reporting tools

My process includes careful consideration of appropriate frameworks (such as React, Angular, Node etc) alongside the design and usability considerations to deliver the best possible outcome.

I include ongoing hosting, maintenance and care plans for your custom application, so you are never left without proper support.

Each custom built project is developed with a future roadmap in mind, so you can be assured that the project will have a very longs shelf-life. And, when it comes time to refresh the design my team will have built it in such a way that it can be re-skinned without the need for a total rebuild.

My custom website project proposals provide an ongoing as-a-service price plan that includes all of the hosting, maintenance and support that you might need, all wrapped into an ongoing monthly service contract.

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