Creative communications specialists, in Reading

Small but balanced

Jerram Marketing is a team of four highly experienced marketing, design and development professionals.  Formed in 2006 we bring over 60 years of combined experience and are each highly trained in specialist areas.

Our mission

We fulfil your marketing needs through creative and tactical digital design and development.  We create clever marketing ideas and solutions that will positively impact on your bottom line.

David Jerram

After a career in packaging design with Holmes and Marchant, David branched into corporate design in 1986.  He set up Journey with designer James Quartermaine in 1999, and then Jerram Marketing in 2006.

His passions include collecting classic British sports cars from the 1960’s – and wreck diving around the British Isles.

After 32 years in design and communications, David brings huge experience to any creative project.

Keiron Roberts

Since beginning his career in 2000, Keiron has constantly responded to emerging web technologies and can utilise this experience in server setups and user-facing design.

As a father of two, Keiron enjoys spending time with his young family and renovating their home. A fitness enthusiast, he has taken part in three Tough Mudder obstacle events as well as trail and ultra marathons.

Jose M. García

Jose is our resident expert in all things integrated.  He spends most of his time creating connections from client websites to third party systems, including CRM systems, syndicated content and real-time data feeds.

Jose has worked with us since the beginning in 2006, and continues to deliver unwavering support into the early hours.

Jose is also a keen family man, and loves to drive to the local mountain range on the weekends.

James Howley

James has extensive experience in both server side programming and front end development.  He has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in cross platform, hosting and infrastructure development – as well as coding for usability and accessibility.

James continually studies techniques for team orientated projects and new programming methodologies.

James is an avid Segway pilot and dog walker.

Keiron Roberts : Jerram Marketing
David Jerram : Jerram Marketing