Property management website re-design and optimisation

Metro are an independent landlord offering high quality university accommodation to students from a portfolio of over 45 properties across five UK cities. The existing Metro website was out of date and lacked a mobile responsive framework.

The content needed to be overhauled, and the properties required a more compelling presentation in an increasingly competitive market.

Built to out perform the competition

During the website re-design process, a great deal of attention was paid to search optimisation, ensuring that Metro continues to out-rank its nearest competitors in all five cities for organic search results.

A lot of time was invested researching the most suitable use of key phrases to help Metro sustain their advantage when the website went live. The results have been outstanding to date and continue to improve.

+66% increase in monthly visitors

+80% increase in time on site

-75% decrease in bounce rate

+90% increase in conversions

A highly focused and targeted website

The Metro website is very highly optimised for a niche market, offering students the very best accommodation for their undergraduate and post graduate university years.

The website helps students and agents find the most suitable accommodation for their needs, from one bedroom studio apartments with en-suite bathrooms to 10 bed houses for groups of students that want to live and study together.

The website makes searching, comparing and shortlisting properties easy, while encouraging users to register and complete enquiries has dramatically improved conversions.

Visit the Metro website
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