Identity design for an innovative contactless payment solution

This client had a unique vision for contactless micro payments using a mobile device. With no credit cards required for micro payments on vending and coin operated machines, Flote is set to revolutionise payment transactions across gaming, entertainment and hospitality industries.

Flote needed my help with initial concepts for the brand, alongside trademarking and marketing planning. I provided clear advice for the client and was able to steer the branding and design for this unique innovation lab.

Flote Works Logo Design

Custom Website Design

The Flote website design incorporated e-commerce for hardware sales alongside customer registration that automatically set up user profiles for the service app and dashboard.

The Flote website has been created using WordPress as the primary platform, and was designed to make it easy to expand as more services and solutions are launched.

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Custom Portal Design

The Flote portal design enabled estate owners to easily access essential information about the individual machines within their portfolios (pubs, bars, restaurants, car parks and more). Users can log into the portal to see the status of each individual machine, recent transactions and any service requirements.

The portal is built on a React JS framework which allows data to be integrated from multiple sources.

Flote.Works Portal Design by Jerram
Flote Service App Design

Service App Design

Flote required an app for service technicians, allowing them to more easily manage their day to day tasks from maintenance of vending machines to collection and repairs.

The app is mobile native and includes geo-location and way-finding capabilities, easy reporting and updates that communicate directly to the portal.

End User App Design

Flote also needed a dedicated end-user app that could manage transactions with a complete banking capability. This native app included multiple wallets, player histories and transaction management.

I designed the app with close co-operation with the client, helping to guide both the user experience and interface design.

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React Native App Design

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