Marie Roberts

Social and Inbound Marketing Specialist

Marie has three non-work-related passions; artwork, shoes and eating. A perfect day for her would be wandering around an art gallery, absorbing all she can, in her mermaid heels. Then, after she’s all art galleried out, someone (preferably her husband…) whisks her off to anywhere that serves pork belly and pink gin.
Marie joined the team as their first Social and Inbound Marketing Executive, bringing with her a variety of skills picked up over the last 7 years. A former freelance Marketing Specialist, she has experience working with a variety of different sectors; everything from an art gallery to a building firm! She is also HubSpot Inbound qualified and continues to progress through their qualifications.

Marie has a real passion for marketing and all things social (media and personally!) but when she’s not researching and typing away at the latest blog article, you’ll find her either riding her bike around the countryside or by following the cake crumb trail that follows behind her.


I was eased back in with a 4 day week after having 19 (yes, 19!!) days off in sunny Thailand for a belated honeymoon! After arriving back at 8 pm on Monday, less than 12 hours later I was awake and ready to work! There were only approximately 10,156,176 emails to sift through, Welfaux and Jerram social media to schedule, 3 x articles to write, colleagues to catch up with, some English food to eat, one set of leaving drinks to attend (bye, Dan! Miss you already!), birthday presents to buy, another leaving do to organise and some air to breath. There's nothing like being back! 🙂

Fri, May 10, 2019

This week has consisted of A LOT of typing. So much so, that I'm slightly concerned my fingers might fall off... but all for a good cause! The first article is out and ready for you to read here - '5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Build Your Brand'. With the release of our new packages, 'Marketing as a Service' and 'Websites as a Service', it seemed like a subject to cover! It looks into 5 things you can do to help increase brand exposure online. I'm also working on a 'Mobile Web vs Native Apps' article. It's surprising just how different they are and which rewards businesses with the most benefits. Keep an eye out next week for it...let the battle of the little screens commence!

Fri, April 5, 2019

I've just got back from a week away snowboarding in the snowy depths of Tignes. Having only had a 2-hour snowboarding lesson on Friday (we left on Saturday) the team were quite relieved when I arrived back today with no broken bones! I had one-to-one lessons with my rather patient husband, guidance from other snowboarders and a lot of expected falls - not enough to put me off doing it again though, bring on next year! I was back to it today, creating pages for an IT Consultancy company, doing my weekly social media and blogging for Welfaux and catching up after a week off!

Mon, April 1, 2019

I've been a bit Contentful obsessed this week (with good reason too!) so following on from last Friday's post, here is my article on Contentful and how it can help you (and us!) to manage content better with infrastructure

Fri, March 1, 2019

Every Wednesday, the team have started joining a live Contentful webinar! This week was 'Managing content at scale with software code'. They went into how the Contentful API's allow you to manipulate content with code, meaning that editors never have to pause content creation to wait for developers to make website changes and developers don't get bogged down with ad-hoq requests for content changes; a godsend for the team and me! They also delved into the more technical side of things and looked into Space Modelling, Using Environments for CI/CD, Managing Content with Code, Refactoring using the Expand/Contract Pattern and SDKs and tools. You can find out more about what we learnt, here:

Wed, February 27, 2019

Today I’ve taken a break from content migration and have instead been learning and writing ABOUT the content migration instead... kind of. I’ve been looking into the benefits of using Contentful instead of other CMSs (such as WordPress and Drupal) and looking into what makes it different (like the fact that it's not really a CMS but more of a 'Content Infrastructure'). As we’ve recently become a ‘Contentful Partner’ it’s been interesting to see just how Contentful can benefit our clients too! Keep an eye out for my finished article...

Fri, February 22, 2019

Today, David and I went for a meeting with our favourite materials handling company, Welfaux! We tend to go visit our clients once every quarter to check we're doing everything they need us to do and if they're still happy with what we're doing. Of course, we're in constant communication with them between each quarter, but it's nice to have a meeting to reflect on how well the last few months have gone and to show them how well their website, inbound marketing, support and maintenance etc. is going... Plus, it's fun getting out of the office and drink a different brand of coffee!

Thu, February 21, 2019

Last night, Anthony, Keiron and I ventured up to Shoreditch to participate in a Contentful Meet-up. We've recently started using Contentful for one of our clients but we discovered that WYSIWYG editors are not the best idea when dealing with content at scale. The end format is neither reusable nor portable to other platforms. So with a few questions to ask and a bit of knowledge under our belts, we thought we'd head up there. They went through whether or not we should "markdown all the things", or not? What Markdown is great at, evaluated the rough edges and looked into alternatives too. They delved into how Contentful has kept their overheads down whilst developing a digital presence in new markets for Moneycorp. They had pizza and ciders much to our joy! And we also stopped at the most beautiful bar (TT Liquor) for a cocktail (or two!). We met a great bunch of Contentful users who had a lot of expertise to share. We're now looking at becoming Contentful partners and will definitely be attending the next MeetUp!

Fri, February 8, 2019

This week I got to go off site (it sounds like I don't get let out much!) and travel up to a snowy part of Buckinghamshire for the Fund Management project I'm working on. It was good to work alongside another team as well as our own. Plus, it's a dog-friendly office, so I was completely in my element.

Thu, January 24, 2019

Today I spent the day looking around the Vyne with my family, wondering how much the Tudors would have benefited from having access to the internet and websites (this isn't true, I was actually taking in the beautiful scenery, artwork and architecture - but it could be). Henry VIII could have ordered all his food online and kept in touch with his good friend Lord Sandy. When they came to build the Palladian Staircase, they could have potentially found a better price by looking through staircase websites and Horace Walpole might never have described it as "so bad that the house must be approached upon stilts" because had he checked out the National Trust website first, he might have seen that at that point, it was kind of difficult to get to (it isn't anymore). Luckily, we do have access to the internet and websites and can use them to visit awesome heritage places like this one!

Sun, January 20, 2019

Last night, most of the team went for an evening of wine, cheese and board games at The Tasting House. It was the last night before Dan and his wife move to London; so we played 'What do you Meme?'... It turns out I'm much better at drinking wine and eating cured meats as I wasn't even close to winning! Fantastic evening though and great to socialise with the Jerram lot!

Fri, January 18, 2019

I tried a Chai Latte for the first time and LOVED it! I also had to learn very quickly what a plugin is and how to use Jira properly... In my spare time, I ate pie from Sweeney and Todds and went to see 'The Favourite' at the cinema.

Wed, January 9, 2019

Today, I spent some of the day writing an article for Welfaux (one of our clients) and creating and scheduling social media posts for the week. I also took time out to learn some of the software needed for the Fund Management project.

Tue, January 8, 2019

After having almost 3 weeks off over Christmas and New Year, I was thrown in the deep end with an 8 am meeting with a Fund Management Company for a project. Luckily, there was crumpets and coffee to lighten the blow... (Picture from a couple of days before when life was calmer and the mornings were non-existent)

Mon, January 7, 2019

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