Supporting the fastest growing Fund Management Company in the UK

Written by James Howley, 13th July 2015

Website development & support

It’s projects like this that make us love what we do. Working on this brand new investment management company website from the outset has been a rewarding and insightful experience.  The Jerram team were involved in the initial business launch strategy meetings, gaining a valuable understanding of the business and its objectives.

Woodford integrated data feeds and graphing data

Team Work

The Jerram team work closely with Woodford.  We utilise social collaboration tools such as Slack and GitHub to keep in daily contact – and we work continuously to develop the needs of the marketing and design team.

Woodford Screen

Evolving project

We continue to assist the Woodford team in developing new ways to represent their data, using third party data feeds, APIs and charting techniques.  As more data becomes available, we are finding new and exciting ways to present it to the Woodford audience.


A really clever website

This website is naturally responsive. It features a secure customer area, on-the-fly pdf page creation, dynamic charting and content variations defined by retained customer choices.