A rapid website design and development for a leading global consultancy

Written by James Howley, 13th July 2015

Rapid, creative and intelligent

ActiveOps wanted to relaunch their brand with a new website, while also redefining their approach to a complex market.   As a leader in business operations insight and capacity planning, ActiveOps work with some of the world’s leading financial services organisations.  Competition in this market is fierce – and ActiveOps wanted to play to their strengths.


Design + photography

The Jerram team provided a carefully conceived design and professional photography that complimented the ActiveOps brand identity.  The program included bespoke design, content creation and photography alongside responsive website development and a multi-regional content management platform.


Totally responsive

The ActiveOps website is designed to respond to all device screens, from widescreen desktops to tablets and smart phones.  The page layout flexes correctly for all media types, and includes media queries to handle image carousels, calls to action and navigation.