Choosing the right Marketing as a Service (MaaS) Package

Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS): What is it and Why do SMBs need it?

In the face of a growing market demand and evolving customer needs, marketeers must embrace a more agile and flexible approach for executing marketing activity.

Could Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS) be the answer?

At a time when businesses are looking to slim down operations and reduce upfront costs, the role of marketing is seeing a monumental shift in the business ecosystem. Fast-evolving customer demands, increasing dependence on technology and automation, mean that marketing today really is a multi-faceted function. Marketers have no choice but to be more tech-savvy than ever.

However, repeatedly implementing new elements into a marketing program can be a real uphill struggle for marketers. So, how can we respond to these challenges? How can we create a flexible and adaptive marketing model? How can we interact with customers and create greater engagement?

Successful marketing professionals are starting to realise that their in-house marketing capability is limited, and with increasing focus on digital communications and personalisation, marketing teams often lack the required skills or resources to comprehensively handle all elements of a strategy. This particularly comes to light if you are a start-up or SMB. This category of business can seldom afford to invest the necessary resources into marketing, yet the need for greater levels of marketing activity is obvious. In-house marketing teams within smaller businesses need to focus on their strategy goals and the needs of a growing business.

What is Marketing-as-a-Service?

As with other business areas like sales management & product management that have found their way into cloud CRMs, Marketing-as-a-Service MaaS has grown as a concept that fills in the gaps for businesses seeking to develop a solid marketing strategy, comprehensive campaigns and delivery without the often high upfront costs.

While marketing automation has been around for a decade now, its growth in comparison with automated accounting or CRM has been comparatively slow.

“Why?”… You may ask…

This is because marketing relies heavily on content, and automation tools have little to offer when it comes to original content creation. So, how can you scale your marketing content creation? Think outside the box, or in this case, outside the organisation. Marketing teams can benefit massively from having external help with marketing efforts. This can factor in outsider insight and perspective, and instantly dedicate a much larger segment of time for projects and skills set to enhance the delivery.

In an age in which everything can be ours at the click of a button, Marketing-as-a-Service is as close as it can get to “marketing on demand”. The concept of Marketing-as-a-Service involves outsourcing the creation of a blueprint and framework for marketing campaigns, and then deploying these unique elements as building blocks for individual campaigns within an ongoing pattern of delivery.

Marketing-as-a-Service is fast becoming a game-changer for smaller organisations by providing marketing expertise and collateral on demand – with scalability, and deep skill sets in deployment.

4 ways Marketing-as-a-Service improves marketing execution:

While your in-house marketing team may know your brand inside out, an outsourced team generally has specialities beyond your own capabilities when it comes to marketing strategy & delivery.

Here are four ways a Marketing-as-a-Service package can improve delivery:

  • Expertise: When you hire a Marketing-as-a-Service solution provider, their expertise & skills become an extension of your own business. Working with various companies across verticals, your Marketing-as-a-Service service provider brings a substantial experience in the marketing niche they operate within.
  • Enhanced perspective: In-house marketing teams and leaders are very closely involved with several campaigns, which means that it is difficult for them to measure and analyse the numbers. Reporting and analytics are essential for marketing projects and with a Marketing-as-a-Service program, you can easily pinpoint and repeat the best processes in efficiency and penny-pinching to generate ROI from your marketing efforts.
  • Flexibility: We’ve seen it before for other business functions – flexibility outshines the need for continuity. Managed cloud-based solutions have leaned down operations for IT, HR, finance – and now you can even get marketing from the cloud too.

    As marketing increases its reliance on real-time opportunities, Marketing-as-a-Service allows companies to jump on these opportunities as they appear. The more agile your marketing function is, the more likely you are to captivate your audience with current, relevant messaging, and the more likely you are to gain the desired outcomes with that member of the audience.
  • Productivity and time management: In addition to improving the delivery workflow, there are many ways in which Marketing-as-a-Service helps promote efficiency within marketing functions. When your team focuses only their core responsibilities and strategic initiatives, they deliver higher productivity with better time management.

How to choose the right Marketing-as-a-Service package for you

Jerram Digital Marketing have a range of 6 packages across web & Marketing-as-a-Service delivery. For the details on our web as a service packages (which come included as part of our Marketing-as-a-Service packages) please have a read of our package pages.

Choosing the right package can be as simple as understanding where your business is on its lifecycle:

Package 1 is aimed at startups and smaller businesses who are not only looking to grow, but also are trying to control the upfront costs of growth.

Package 1 includes:

  • Strategy & Plan
  • Our full website as a service package 1
  • One-off SEO overhaul
  • 1 content piece per month
  • Monthly reporting & analysis
  • Quarterly strategy review

Package 2 is specifically for established businesses who are trying to break a plateau and get the next level of business success.

Package 2 includes:

  • Strategy & Plan
  • Our full website as a service package
  • Ongoing SEO programme
  • Managed PPC campaign
  • Managed Social Media
  • 3 content pieces per month
  • Monthly reporting & analysis
  • Quarterly strategy review

Package 3

Our premium offering, including all of Packages 1 & 2, with the addition of thought leadership pieces, extra SEO & eCommerce.

Package 3 includes:

  • Strategy & Plan
  • Choice of WaaS package (1, 2 or 3)
  • Ongoing SEO programme
  • Managed PPC campaign
  • Managed Social Media
  • 3 content pieces per month
  • Monthly reporting & analysis
  • Quarterly strategy review
  • 1 thought leadership article per month
  • Extra SEO for competitive search terms
  • eCommerce
  • Managed hubspot marketing automation solution

If you aren’t sure which package would be best for you, our knowledgeable team will be able to help you determine which package of elements will work best for you. And remember that every package can be tailored to suit your precise needs and your budget.

So, in conclusion, if you are hoping to drastically improve your influence in the market, increase your inbound enquiries or just plainly be seen more, please get in touch to discuss our Marketing-as-a-Service packages. We have a 12-year tenure of having performed at a high level, with a great bank of testimonials from our existing clients to back it up.

To learn more, please call Jeremy Williamson on: 07940 486965‬‬ or email: or visit our page on MaaS packages to learn more.

Alternatively please visit to discover our full range of services, and to sign up for our latest insights and news from the world of digital marketing.

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