Elements of a Great Digital Agency

When you Google “digital agencies in Berkshire” for example, you’re faced with around 6,270,000 results. So how are you meant to know which ones the best? In such a saturated market, many companies struggle when it comes to finding the right digital agency for their business.

Like anyone would, you start at the top of the list and work your way down. Each agency you speak to is telling a similar one to the last. So, who do you trust? How will you know if you’re receiving a good service if you’re not sure what you should be looking for? Many businesses outsource their digital marketing requirements because they lack sufficient skills in-house. But unless you have a used the agency before, or know someone else who has, how do you know if they’re a great digital agency?

To help you know what to look out for, we’ve taken it back to a time where you had inferential trust: school. Well, not quite a school, more science! We’ve designed a periodic table full to the brim with elements that you should be looking out for in a digital agency. This table of digital marketing elements is designed to help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing your external digital marketing team.

The table is aimed at business owners and companies who are considering a digital marketing agency but not sure where to start or how to ensure they’re getting the right service. It provides a guide to the key areas you need to consider including the all-important digital concepts and services.

Skills and Expertise:

Digital agencies are businesses with many talents. They encompass a wide range of skills and expertise; everything from building your website from scratch to adding content and doing the SEO. Which are key benefits of outsourcing to an agency; you’ll have access to the many talents, all under one roof.

But, the difference between a good digital agency and a great one, is their ability to be proactive in staying abreast of updates and changes in the industry. They should always be using relevant techniques that will produce results.


Knowing which channels your audience is using is fundamental to an effective marketing campaign. A digital agency that knows your channels will be able to build a website and create an effective marketing campaign that will operate perfectly across different platform. Adopting this approach will maximise your reach to your target audience.

Digital and SEO strategy:

SEO is a vital component of web development and marketing and any digital marketing agency should be fluent in it. A great digital agency will be able to correctly determine which concepts to focus on in order to achieve your outlined objectives and to get your website ranking highly.

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A good salesperson is not a reflection on how good the product or service is. It’s a reflection on how good they are at their job. Don’t be seduced by the promises of a website that has all the bells and buttons or of radically improved rankings and massive ROI. Because in six months’ time, when you’re not seeing results from an incapable team, don’t blame the salesperson – blame yourself. Because you didn’t check for evidence.

A great digital agency should be practising what they preach. Start off by looking to see if the agency’s own website and digital marketing efforts are on par with the service they’re offering. If you can visit the team at their own premises so you can gauge the culture and attitude of the company in their natural environment.

Always request case studies; if they can’t provide them definitely do not go with them. Ask to see examples of work for clients with similar goals to yours. That way you have an accurate account of their capabilities and you have evidence that they can achieve what they’re promising.


Make sure your objectives are outlined from the very start. This is crucial. It ensures both you and your digital agency have a clear, shared set of goals and that way, you can both clearly measure your progress towards those objectives.

Don’t be fooled by vanity metrics either, ‘likes’ and ‘impressions’ will only go so far. You need solid proof that those engagements are converting into sales.


Content is super important. So important in fact, that if you don’t have decent content, there’s no point in having a website. However, when it comes to content, one size does not fit all and what captures on audience demographic may deter another. Therefore, your chosen agency needs to be skilled at recognising what type of content will generate the most engagement and be able to adapt their writing style, vocabulary and tone of voice to suit your audience.

The Jerram Conclusion: 

The baseline is, that even if you’re on a tight budget, the cheapest option may not always be the best option. You should never compromise on the quality of services because you’re cutting corners when it comes to cost. It may seem economical to begin with, but it could end with your company having a substandard service and leading to further costs down the line rectifying the problem.

However, you shouldn’t be paying over the odds either. Treat finding a digital agency the same way you would find a builder; get a good idea of average industry rates and get quotes from multiple agencies. Never jump in with the first bidder. Especially if that first bidder is promising you the earth – there are just too many factors involved with digital marketing to promise quick, dramatic results, every single time.

A great digital agency will always be honest about expected results and timescales, even if that’s not quite what the client wants to hear. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just your business reputation that’s on the line, it’s theirs too. You’re not just hiring a company, you’re hiring a partner. A business partnership whose success is built on your success (what better proof that they’re good at their job than a successful website!). But most importantly, one that should always be built on trust.

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